At Real Rehoboth Int'l Ventures Ltd our group of companies work together to please the customer and build relationships that last.   As international Sales & Distribution Consultants, we work with buyers and sellers both in Africa and international.  Creating opportunities for people to be blessed and spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ is our mission.

We provide amazing retail shopping experiences at our stores -

Rehoboth Restore & Renew

We also import and export items for clients who request specific orders.

We offer a variety of internet, online and computer training workshops to empower individuals with the advances in technology.

Our group of companies extends to construction partners Aerated Concrete Nigeria.- www.AircreteAfrica.com

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Rehoboth Restore & Renew Stores

LUKE 1:37

Building Children For Christ

Ogudu Road, Ogudu GRA 

Lagos, Nigeria   W. Africa



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