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STEM Toys Are Educational Toys in Nigeria

The Need For Quality And Educational Toys For Kids In Nigeria.

Toys are items used during playtime and can be used to train children.Toys are made from different materials like wood, clay, paper, and plastic. Retailers like Toys R Lagos know that the Science toys have come a long way since the old home chemistry set you used to have as a kid. Today's best toys that focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) help kids with computer and coding, building blocks assist with constructing elaborate scenes, making their own room decor and even building their own robots. And since everyone is looking to build up their STEM skills, it's a sure blessing that educational toys are a sure sale to any toy store.

Many items are designed to serve as toys, but goods produced for other purposes can also be used. For example, a small child may fold an ordinary piece of paper into an airplane shape and "fly it". Newer forms of toys include interactive digital entertainment.

Although, the origin of the word "toy" is unknown, but it is believed that it was first used in the 14th century. Toys are mainly made for children and there are different types of toys which include; action figures, animals, educational toys, sound toys, creative toys, dolls, games, model building, wooden toys, puzzle etc.

Our focus for now will be on quality and educational toys for kids in Nigeria.

The Best STEM Toys for Kids in Lagos Nigeria

Science toys have come a very long way since the old home chemistry set you used to have as a kid. Today's best toys that focus on STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) have kids coding before they enter preschool, constructing elaborate scenes, making their own room decor and even building their own robots. And since everyone is looking to build up their STEM skills, it's a sure bet that educational toys are a welcome addition to any toy library.

scientists on the case, evaluating STEM toys for quality, ease of use and whether or not kids engage with the concepts behind them. Then, more important testers — kids themselves — made sure they were fun, since no one's learning anything from a toy that sits in a closet. We put their recommendations together with some editors' picks and bestsellers to make this list of the best STEM toys of 2022. There are the usual microscopes and experiment kits, but also cool kits that blend science and art and lots and lots of coding robots. Your budding scientist won't know what to play with first!

Stacking, sorting, building and creating cities are all important skills for future engineers, and blocks also help kids work on their motor coordination and introduce kids to shapes and geometry. You can get this set in pastel hues, or in a natural wood color. Ages 18 months+

100 Animals Book


Kids learn animal names, sounds and fun facts through this book, which talks and plays songs. In our testing, parents appreciated the illustrations (and the break it gave them from making animal noises). Ages 2+

Numberblocks MathLink Cubes

The "M" in STEM often gets overlooked, but this activity kit brings math into the spotlight, and will delight any fan of Netflix's Numberblocks. Kids can use the linking counting cubes to re-create their favorite characters, and wipe-clean cards give them ideas for math-based puzzles and activities. Ages 3+

Talking Microscope


This interactive toy is all about science — magnifying animals, plants and household items times five — and with 100 facts and quizzes and more than 60 colorful slides (all of which go in built-in storage containers). The voice of Bindi Iriwin narrates the facts. Ages 5+

Olivia's Space Academy


Take a trip to Mars with this out-of-this-world playset featuring a realistic shuttle, observatory, space school, multi-axis trainer and more. Train like a real astronaut to see if you have what it takes to go to space, just don’t forget your helmet! Our hope and belief is that with real-world exposure we can help young kids be inspired and retain interest in STEM fields. This 757 piece set comes with four figures, a telescope and a wide array of science equipment to help get kids excited about STEM. While testing, we loved how this set helped bridge an interest in space into other areas of science. Ages 8+

Educational toys which can also be called instructive toys are designed to stimulate learning for children. Educational toys can help develop problem solving skills, teach about conflict resolution and how cause and effect work. It also teaches children about sharing; helps develop their fine and gross motor skills and nurtures their creativity and imagination.

Investing in educational toys is a smart move as it is scientifically proven that learning through play is important and the most natural way of acquiring new skills and abilities. Selecting the right educational toy to match your child’s age along with your love, attention and support is one of the best gifts a parent can give. With the help of educational toys children unlock their potential quicker while having fun. Educational toys promote:

§ Gross and fine motor skills.

§ Cognitive development.

§ Emotional development.

§ Social intelligence.

Best Educational Sensory Toys In Lagos, Nigeria.

There is no right or wrong educational toy as long as you see that the child is having fun playing with it. A good suggestion is to introduce toys that are not so familiar to the child so that you can facilitate the development of all skills and challenge a bit of their curiosity. Examples are monopoly, scrabble, cube 3x3, children building blocks, children writing and drawing board, leapfrog scribble and write tablet, abacus counting mathematical set, children educational Y-pad computer tablet, children dinosaur figures etc.

There is no big value in a toy that kids won't play with, so toys have to be fun, too.

To find toys that strike the right balance, For parents, they look for quality of construction, ease of use and frustration level. For kids, they make sure that the toys are fun (the most important factor), and something kids return to and are engaged with for long periods of time. They're mostly geared for little ones but there are a few selections for older kids to keep in mind for the future (or for older siblings). If these aren't enough, you can also check the Good Housekeeping Institute's age-by-age guide to toys and gifts for more recommendations, including STEM toys, sensory toys, family board games, and gifts for 1-year-olds and 2-year-olds (including gifts for toddlers and even stocking stuffers for toddlers!) all the way up to gifts for teens.

Where can we buy sensory and learning toys in Lagos? There are different places around Lagos where we can buy learning toys. Oneof these stores is Rehoboth Restore & Renew Stores;we can also shop online

Fairly Used Toys InLagos, Nigeria.

Fairly used toys are toys that have been used by children and packed away when they outgrow them. They can also be toys that were not used at all and sent to companies for sale, companies like Amazon, E-bay, and in Nigeria Rehoboth Restore & Renew Stores is an example of such company with their website at

Buying used toys is one of the greenest things you can do when it comes to consumer lifestyle. The benefits of this shopping habit are numerous;

§ Buying used toys cost much less than buying new ones.

§ Used toys require no new resources or energy to create.

§ Fairly used toys are inherently fair trade.

§ Landfill space is preserved.

§ Useful materials are given a second life rather than discarded before their usefulness has been exhausted.

Baby toys are toys for babies form 0-3 years which include interesting objects hung in view , such as brightly colored mobiles, crib decals, and colorful wall posters; sturdy rattles; large plastic rings; soft toys for throwing; colorful balls; light plastic blocks; cloth cubes; music boxes; teething toys; floating bath animals; and washable squeak toys. They can also be found at Rehoboth Restore & Renew Stores.

In conclusion, Rehoboth Restore & Renew Stores provides the need for qualityand educational toys for kids in Nigeria, visit our website at for further information.


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