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Thrift Stores Are Becoming the New Trend in Lagos for Unique Barely Used Fashion, Toys and Tools.

In such a hard economy it is very hard to balance between whether to get food or add another piece of cloth to your wardrobe or another tool to your collection. Shopping in boutiques is increasingly becoming very hard because things there may be expensive for your pockets. This is why there is a new trend known as thrift shopping in Nigeria whereby you go to any Nigerian thrift shop and you try your luck and if it is on your side you come out with something worth your money. Here are some things to keep in mind when you are visiting a thrift store in Nigeria.

thrift shopping

Be Tactical and Organized In Buying

Thrift shopping means you will see many clothes put on display and this will entice you to pick all the clothes. However whether it is a thrift shop in Abuja or Lagos, planning is the key thing so that you can work with your budget and at the same get a nice item for yourself. The items can either be used home goods, clothes or toys in Lagos. When you plan you may also get bonuses from the budget and you will be able to balance between thrift shopping and buying basic needs.

Be Careful On What You Choose

Thrift shopping is all about luck and sometimes all the items may not be of good quality. The items whether household goods or clothes or toys are mostly second hand and some may come damaged. When thrift shopping in Nigerian thrift shops, many people tend to look at an item, like it and then pick it without considering the condition. If it is a cloth, then make sure you have inspected it for any stains or teared parts otherwise you will buy something that you cannot use.

Make Use of Time

When you go to thrift shop, the first thing you will see is very many clothes and items and of course in your search you will find beautiful and eye catching items. In thrift shopping almost everything will attract your eyes but if you take your time you might just find what you have been looking for all this time. After finding a cute item, put it aside and dig more because you might even find a cuter item. When you go to a retro clothe shop in Lagos, make sure you look all the clothes and decide which one is best for you.

Just Have Fun

Thrift shopping is not work where you go with a serious look but it is a place where you go to look for clothes and use toys and tools. Tagging along with your friends will also add the flavor to the fun and even if you are not lucky then fun can always be postponed to another day.


Thrift shopping in NG is becoming common especially with the hard economic times hitting may people. Hard times however do not mean you can’t adorn your house with eye catching toys and tools as well as fill your wardrobe with your clothes. You can do your thrift shopping in any consignment stores in Lagos or Abuja and experience this fun others are experiencing.

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