We build using Autoclaved aerated concrete and Aircrete building system. Available in Africa aerated autoclaved concrete production line in Nigeria-using CONCRETE PRODUCTION RATE NIGERIA AUTOCLAVE AERATED

Our mission is to bulid effectively for Christ.

Acts 6:7 and Luke 1:37



Major concrete production rate in Lagos, Nigeria autoclave aerated concrete production line or concrete production prices available on request.  This is our official introduction to Aircrete in Africa- Nigeria.


You can build anything out of this stuff. The only limit to its application is your imagination. It is pest proof. It is fireproof. It is earthquake-proof. It is tornado and hurricane proof.  And interesting Lee enough and one thing of Great Value is it will be surveillance proof buy thermal imaging. 

You can build a home with it. You can build a Spring House. You can build a tornado shelter. You can build a root cellar. 
you can build an observation post out in the woods that looks like a big rock. You can build a cache place out in the woods that is Fireproof thermal proof pest proof waterproof Etc You can do it yourself and you can do this as a business to build homes for other people. 

And what we see is that anybody that wants to do it as a business could build 10 homes and make money doing that and on their tenth home- tithe a home to homeless family, refugees, and widows, orphans, strangers as commanded by Jesus Christ.



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Our mission is to build effectively for Christ.

Acts 6:7 and Luke 1:37

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