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Welcome to Aircrete  Africa  & Aerated Concrete Nigeria

Autoclaved aerated concrete and  Aircrete building system

Our mission is to build effectively for Christ.

Acts 6:7 and Luke 1:37


Now aerated autoclaved concrete production line is available in Nigeria


The concrete production rate in Nigeria  is dependant on the demand of autoclave aerated concrete production lines in Lagos Nigeria.  The process will expand to other states in Nigeria as concrete production increase to provide competitive pricing across the country.



This is our official introduction to aircrete. You can build anything out of this material. The only limit to its application is your imagination. It is pest proof. It is fireproof. It is earthquake-proof. It is tornado and hurricane proof.

And interestingly enough and one thing of important value is it will be surveillance proof buy thermal imaging.

You can build a home with it. You can build office building. You can build a tornado shelter. You can build a root cellar.

You can build an observation post out in the woods that looks like a big rock. You can build a cache place out in the woods that is Fireproof thermal proof pest proof waterproof Etc You can do it yourself and you can do this as a business to build homes for other people.

And what I see is that anybody that wants to do it as a business could build 10 homes and make money doing that and their tenth home tithe a home to homeless refugees, and widows, orphans, strangers and Levites in Israel.

Ogudu Road, Ogudu GRA

Lagos,Nigeria. West Africa

Tel: +234-703-188-2527

South Africa: +2 -787-573-297

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